Tips To Get The Best Results From Your Counselor

For many people it can be very difficult to talk to others.  When we talk to people, we tend to open ourselves up in a vulnerable way that we are not accustomed to.  For those that have to deal with behavioral health services in provo, ut, they may find it a little intimidating at first but once they use these techniques have found great success.

Don’t reel judged

When you walk into a counselor’s office the feeling of being judged or analyzed can be very prominent.  The trick is to walk into the office in control of the situation.  Don’t feel that you are there as the patient, but rather that you are in control of your life.  You are interviewing the counselor just as much if not more than they are looking at you.  Don’t feel judged, feel empowered.

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Ask questions

Another way to feel and be in control is to ask questions.  The counselor typically asks questions of you in order to get an idea of what your problems are but ask questions of your counselor.  Ask them, why do people feel like this?  Why do those that have this specific issue act out in this manner?

Through questions you can get answers that you can use to build your process of healing.  Once you get some answers to your most pressing questions, your mindset will change, and your way of acting will also change.

All for time

Don’t walk in assuming that the counselor knows everything and will solve your problem in twenty to thirty minutes.  Life doesn’t work that way.  You need to give the process time.  You need to give yourself time to process what is said, and what you say.  Once you allow the process to take time then time will go by so fast that you won’t realize that you have worked on and advanced through your issues so quickly.