Take a Long Term Approach to Sobriety

There is a sense that when a person comes back from rehab, they think they are free and clear. Do not think in that way. Even though you have spent a lot of time at rehab, you are not out of the woods. The moment you think that you are good, you will lapse. You have to take the view that you are always going to be dealing with this addiction, and that you can only beat the problem if you are willing to remain focused and diligent for a long time to come. That is why you need to enroll in long term detox programs in washington, dc.

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When you are back from rehab, you need to set up a session with a sponsor. Talk to them about what you are experiencing and they will be able to help. Explain how you did well to get sober, but now you’re worried about how you will go back to regular life and stay sober. That is the real challenge, and your sponsor will have experienced the same. They will be able to talk to you about what you are feeling, and the two of you can support each other.

Make sure you are creating new routines when you come back from rehab. That is the key if you want to enjoy sobriety for a long time to come. You have to find new ways to have fun, and you may even need to make new friends. That is not an indictment of your previous friends, but the reality that you are experiencing. Those people brought out the worst in you, and if you were to go back to spending time with them, you would become that person again. Making these changes is not easy, but is very much necessary if you want to remain sober.