Information and Facts About Mammograms: What You Learn Can Save Your Life

The mammogram is the most commonly used medical procedure used to detect the presence of breast cancer. Most women need an annual mammogram to keep themselves safe. Men may also find themselves in need of a mammogram but the procedure is not recommended annually for males. If you are a woman who has a mammogram scheduled in the future, you likely have questions. Here are a few facts that may help ease your worry.

·    Doctors perform thousands of mammograms every year. It is a safe, pain-free procedure that only takes a few minutes of your time. This information alone should ease your worry and mind.

·    Going in for regular mammograms can increase your life expectancy! Cancer is nothing to play around with.

·    We often hear doctors tell women to check their breasts for lumps and this is true. Breast lumps warrant concern. However, even before lumps can be felt, mammograms in Middletown can detect cancer. This is even more reason for women to schedule this all important appointment with their doctor.

mammograms in Middletown

·    There are two types of mammograms – the 2D and the 3D ultrasound. The latter is the most popular type of mammogram and provides doctors the best glimpse of the breast and breast tissue.

·    A mammogram is the most accurate way to detect breast cancer.  Yes, this can actually save a person’s life. All it takes is one annual visit to make a difference in the quality of your life and your health.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully the information above has given you some comfort in the mammogram procedure. It is truly a remarkable procedure that helps every woman who schedules those doctor appointments. Talk to your doctor if you have more questions or concerns about this procedure.